Trump was intrigued by a mysterious post about the war

Marta Hychko23:55, 04/09/23

There are only three words in the publication of the disgraced politician.

Former US President Donald Trump reminded himself again. This time he intrigued with a post on his social network Truth Social.

“World War III,” Trump wrote, without explaining what he meant.

Trump’s post / screenshot

Trump’s latest statements

Donald Trump is going to run again for the post of president of the United States, but he has serious problems. At the end of March, the grand jury of the Manhattan court indicted  former  US President Donald Trump. The case involves a pay-to-hush and cover-up scheme involving adult film star Stormy Daniels that took place before the 2016 election.

A few days ago, the media reported that Trump had been arrested. However, the politician was later released.rding documents for asylum seekers from Ukraine

Trump actively comments on the war in Ukraine. In particular, Trump called Russia’s recognition of the “LDNR”  a “genius” decision . In his opinion, it became “the strongest peacekeeping force” he had seen. 

In the summer  , Trump stated that the Russian attack could have been prevented if Ukraine had given up its territories and aspirations to join NATO. Trump is also categorically  against military aid to Ukraine  and  against the removal of Putin  from power.

In March 2023,  Trump admitted that he was ready to “give” part of Ukrainian territory to Putin in order to achieve peace. 

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