The court in the Tver region declared insane and sent for compulsory treatment the person involved in the case of an attempt to join the Legion “Freedom of Russia”

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On March 16, the Zubtsovsky District Court of the Tver Region declared Sergei Kolin, who, according to investigators, planned to join the Freedom of Russia Legion, insane and sent him to a psychiatric hospital for compulsory treatment. The corresponding decision, which drew the attention of OVD-Info, was made on March 16.

The press service of the district court said that from February 24 to May 3, 2022, Sergey Kolin, a resident of the village of Pogoreleye Gorodishche, via telegram and YouTube (he had the Kupala TV channel, which is no longer available) “expressed his support for the Ukrainian side during special military operation”, “expressed hostility towards the citizens of the Russian Federation”, and also “expressed a negative attitude towards the leadership of the Russian Federation to the authorities, in connection with the ongoing special military operation”.

Also, in correspondence with unidentified persons, he gave his consent to the entry of an armed formation located on the territory of Ukraine “Legion of Freedom of Russia”. Received from these persons a plan for illegally crossing the border of the Russian Federation in order to arrive on the territory of Ukraine and intended in the future to illegally cross the state border of the Russian Federation outside checkpoints to participate in actions directed against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as to kill Russian military personnel.

At the end of March, according to OVD-Info, Andrey Trofimov, a defendant in cases of military “fakes” and calls for extremism, reported from SIZO-1 in the Tver Region that he had been charged with an attempt to join the “Freedom of Russia” legion, as well as spoke about other defendants in the detention center, including Sergei Kolin, whom he called a trash blogger.

In March 2022, the REN TV channel and  112 reported on the death of a person during a trash stream hosted by RTeshka in the village of Pogoreloye Gorodishche. Then it was reported that RTeshka is Sergey Kolin.

The Legion “Freedom of Russia” is a branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, allegedly, consists of volunteers from Russia. How many people are included is unknown. Its creation was announced in March 2022, shortly after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In March 2023, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation  declared the Freedom of Russia Legion a “terrorist organization”.

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  1. Judge: Russians who want freedom in Russia are insane, and will be sent to a psychiatric clinic for life. Case closed.

  2. How dare anyone strive for freedom in mafia land? Their job is it to be slaves for the arms industry or meat puppets on the front.

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