Sad Girkin acknowledged the great losses of the Russian Federation and thought about the assassination of Putin (video)

Violetta Orlova14:39, 04/09/23

The terrorist finally admitted that the “meat grinder” in Bakhmut and in the Avdiyivka area “turns out to be a very big negative” for the Russian Federation.

Terrorist Ihor Strelkov (Ghirkin) admitted that the Russian Federation has suffered  only continuous defeats in the last six months . Against this background, the actor thought about the future of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his blog, Girkin called Putin “in fact still the leader of the nation,” “until he dies or is deposed.” 

The criminal complains that the Russians don’t have another president, and that Putin “created such a wonderful system himself”: “He doesn’t have a vice president, the head of the State Duma is a jerk, a crazy grandmother is in the Senate… All the figures who they can formally replace him in case of “God forbid” – they are all either not popular at all, or anecdotal. He did it himself.” 

Girkin rejected any “peacekeeping operations” of the Russian troops, because the Russian Federation has “a big war with huge losses.”

“That’s why when some idiots screw up the numbers of Ukrainian losses, they don’t think about what thoughts arise about our own losses, considering that in the last six months we have suffered some solid defeats in fact. Serious defeats,” the terrorist added.

He finally admitted that the “meat grinder” in Bakhmut and the Avdiyivka area for the Russian Federation “is at a very big disadvantage” compared to the enemy: “These are fairy tales that we are “grinding” the Ukrainian army, it is also “grinding” us.” said that the Russian Federation has suffered one defeat in the last six months

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  1. Any other Russian who would say the same thing as Girkin gets 20 years Gulag. Someone protects him. Never mind, the only Russian , who always tells the truth, althought from his point of view off course.

    • Actually Sir Veth I think if anyone else said this he would get 20 steps off a short 20 story balcony. But if someone can give the Chief Orc a bullet in the head I’d recommend a medal.

  2. As much as we hate Vlad the Impaler, God forbid Girkin to ever assuming the mafia throne. He’s too much of a realist and would be a grave danger to Ukraine.

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