Now is not time for negotiations, weather is military for now – Macron

9 APRIL 2023

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, admitted that “the weather is military for now”, and the time for the negotiations has not come yet.

Source: Macron, in an interview for the French newspaper Les Échos during his visit to China cited by European Pravda

Quote: “I think that China comes to the same conclusion as us, which is that the weather today is military. Ukrainians are resisting, and we are helping them. Now is not the time for the negotiations, even if we are preparing for them and have to set milestones.”

Macron added that the goal for his dialogue with China is the consolidation of several approaches to the war.

“Firstly: the support of the UN Statute principles. Secondly: a clear reminder about nuclear power, and it is China that must draw conclusions about the consequences of the fact that President Putin placed the nuclear weapons in Belarus a few days after he took the responsibility not to do it. Thirdly: a very clear reminder about humanitarian rights and the protection of children. And fourthly: striving for negotiable and lasting peace,” the French President explained.

He remarked that Xi Jingping, his Chinese counterpart, was talking about the architecture of European security.

“But there can be no architecture of European security until the countries that were invaded [find peace], or frozen conflicts exist in Europe. So you see that a common matrix results from it all. Is Ukraine a priority for Chinese diplomacy? Maybe not. But this dialogue gives the opportunity to soften the commentaries about a certain self-soothing by China concerning Russia,” Macron stated.

Background: Emmanuel Macron and Xi Jinping, leaders of France and China, following the results of the negotiations in the Chinese city of Guǎngzhōu, published a joint statement, in which they condemned the nuclear escalation and called for restoring the peace in Ukraine.

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  1. Macron simply cannot comprehend the uselessness of any sort of negotiations with mafia land. How can this be pounded into his skull?

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