Zelenskyy pleased Ukrainians with agreements on the supply of weapons and other aid (video)

Lesya Leshchenko21:25, 04/08/23

In particular, this is new aid from Poland, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

Many positive events took place this week and a number of important decisions were made regarding international support for Ukraine . President Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted this in an evening video message.

“It is nice to end this week with good results for our country – in terms of weapons, international support, expanding our ties with the world, and our movement towards NATO,” the president said.

According to Zelensky, the most important event of these days was his visit to Poland and the agreement with its leadership. “Poland has fulfilled everything declared regarding tanks: they are already in Ukraine, in particular the Leopards. There are new agreements regarding BMPs – more than a hundred vehicles. As for armored personnel carriers – “Rosomak” – 200 vehicles. Now 100 and 100 – later. Also self-propelled mortars, additional missiles, “MiGs”, the head of state noted.

He also recalled the 35th defense package from the United States. “Rockets for the Hymars, missiles for air defense, shells for artillery, for protection against armored vehicles and other important elements of support,” Zelenskyy said.

In addition, as the president noted, this week’s support for Germany increased by 200 million euros of investments. In particular, these are projects of German companies that will help Ukraine achieve economic and social stability.

The head of state also reminded that the Netherlands announced a new aid package in the amount of more than 270 million euros. “This is help for our recovery, humanitarian support, non-lethal support for defense and also – and this is very important – support for justice,” he said.

https://www.unian.ua/player/GtEPW972″There is a good result”: Zelensky’s powerful appeal

According to the president, Denmark and Norway are working on a joint package of projectile aid for Ukrainian artillery. “There are new sanctions decisions – from Australia and New Zealand. Thank you for them!” – he added.

In addition, the head of state recalled the decision of the Lithuanian parliament. “A very important decision was made this week in Lithuania – regarding the main expectations from the NATO summit, which is planned in Vilnius. The Lithuanian Seimas recognized the need to invite Ukraine to become a member of NATO – to invite it this year, at the summit in Vilnius,” the president said.

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