Ukraine strengthening defenses along border with Belarus, Russia – Joint Forces commander


The situation in the Northern operational zone is stable and controlled — Ukrainian soldiers are strengthening defensive lines and positions along the border with Belarus and Russia.

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine posted this on Facebook, referring to Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“In particular, the system of engineering barriers in the regions bordering Belarus and Russia is being enhanced.  Anti-tank minefields are being created in tank-accessible areas of the territory and possible routes of the enemy’s advance deep into our territory, including roads, forest strips, bridges, power lines, etc.,” Nayev said.

According to him, this week alone, engineering units have set up several dozen minefields using more than 6,000 anti-tank mines; more than 7,000 meters of anti-tank ditches and trenches have been dug.

“All positions are covered with wood for more efficient performance of tasks by our soldiers. Ukrainian servicemen work around the clock, regardless of weather conditions,” Nayev added.

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