The Netherlands will allocate 40 million euros to Ukraine for the purchase of seeds and agricultural equipment

From the 180 million euro aid package to Ukraine, the Netherlands will allocate 10 million euro for demining agricultural land, and another 40 million euro for the purchase of seeds and equipment for Ukrainian agriculture.

“Due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine has become one of the countries most contaminated by explosives in the world. About a third of the entire territory of the country is potentially dangerous and needs to be examined. We will be glad to help the Netherlands in demining to speed up this process,” said the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Agrarian and of land policy Oleksandr Hajdu during an online meeting with members of the committee on agriculture, members of the parliament of the Netherlands.

He also called on Haydu to cooperate in the implementation of projects for the restoration and modernization of irrigation and drainage systems . According to him, it is important to continue expanding new logistics routes with the EU so that Ukrainian farmers can export their products abroad.

Members of the Committee on Agriculture of the Parliament of the Netherlands declared their readiness to support Ukrainian farmers .  Джерело:


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