Russia’s Winter War on Ukraine’s Energy Has Failed: U.K.


Forcible evacuation and handing Russian passports to residents of the occupied areas in southern Ukraine continues.

That’s according to Natalia Humeniuk, head of the joint press center of Operational Command South, who spoke at the national telethon, Ukrinform reports.

“Forcible evacuation continues there, lists have been drawn up. Also, forcible passportization continues. They (Russians — ed.), themselves have an unstable morale – because everyone is fearing Ukraine’s counteroffensive, which is talked about a lot, but they do not know where to expect it from. So they are trying to pretend that they care about local people,” she said.

According to the spokesperson, this “concern” manifests itself precisely in gathering the civilian population and transporting them to those locations where the Russians plan to deploy their units, therefore using these people as a human shield.

“This has already become a practice. We have long been observing this and we always take it into account in combat operations because when we engage the Dnipro’s left bank, the most important thing for us is that the civilian population isn’t affected,” Humeniuk assured Ukrainians.

She added that the enemy units are constantly maneuvering and trying to find new locations, including observation posts, combat supply hubs, equipment and ammunition storage sites.

“But we methodically continue our work, too,” spokesperson said.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, on April 2, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces said the invaders were continuing to impose Russian citizenship on the population of the temporarily captured districts of Kherson region.


  1. “Russia’s Winter War on Ukraine’s Energy Has Failed”

    Indeed, the mafia army has suffered yet another defeat as this winter wanes. It wasted countless missiles and drones for a strategy that only caused death and misery to Ukrainian civilians, but virtually nothing against Ukraine’s military. The stupidity of the mafia leadership is unfathomable.

  2. Everything about this war has been a failure for the trash. Failure to split NATO, failure to take Kyiv in 3 days and failure to blackmail the EU by turning off the gas.

    The scum budgeted for a trade deficit of 3 trillion rubles in 2023. In the first 3 months of 2023, the trade deficit is already 3.6 trillion rubles. Forecasters say russia will collapse economically by mid summer, that is why Putler is going cap in hand every shithole country on Earth to buy russian debt. Good luck with that.

    • Yeah, good luck with that. He would need some sort of victories first, at the very least, before he will find one or two fools to do that.

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