Russian invaders look for resistance in Melitopol and search houses

8 APRIL 2023

Russian soldiers with dogs are going through apartment buildings in the occupied city of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, looking for Ukrainian resistance, the city’s mayor Ivan Fedorov has said.

Source: Fedorov on Telegram

Details: The Mayor’s office states that dozens of soldiers with dogs once again searched a multi-storey building in the city centre on the morning of 8 April.

Quote: “The occupiers in Melitopol are once again delusional that there are partisans everywhere.

However, terrorising civilians will not help reduce popular resistance. No matter how hard you try, searchers, we will come for you too.”

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  1. Fear has a taken solid hold on the throats of these evil bastards. Their days of reckoning are coming ever closer, and they know it.

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