Restore a Ukrainian family through the Save Ukraine Foundation (Link)

8 April, 2023

During the war in Ukraine:

According to the UN, 8 million people have become internally displaced persons

Every 6 hours 1 child dies from the war

Our mission:

Rescue from combat zones the most vulnerable – orphans, people with disabilities, foster families, those who experienced sexual violence, frail elderly. We help them rebuild their lives.

Our response to the crisis

Rescue the most vulnerable and help them rebuild their lives.

Helping a family that survived shelling

13-year-old Radomyr from Severodonetsk witnessed his mother come under mortar shelling and receive severe injuries. The woman was taken to a hospital with shrapnel wounds. Radomyr remained with his father amidst explosions.

Save Ukraine team has reunited the family: we evacuated the boy and his father to the safe territories, arranged a hospital visit with the mom, and provided with all the necessities.

Please donate here and help save a Ukrainian child from Russian abduction and abuse and return them to their parents:

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