NYT Illustrates Failure Of Kremlin’s Plans Regarding War In Ukraine On Maps

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strategy proved to be brilliant.


The military-political leadership of Russia continues to set the goal of completely capturing the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In early 2023, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin set the command of the Russian army the task of reaching the administrative borders of these regions by the end of March.

Thanks to the competent and selfless defense of the Ukrainian soldiers, the dreams of the head of Russia remained unattainable, nevertheless, at the cost of enormous losses, the aggressor was able to capture only a few small settlements. This is stated in an analytical article by The New York Times.

Back at the end of 2022, a major offensive by Russian troops in eastern Ukraine was announced in the information space. The enemy was really preparing and moving a huge amount of equipment and personnel into the combat area. As a result, the invaders often became cannon fodder, which led to the loss of about 1 thousand Russian soldiers daily.

Despite the fact that the Kremlin hoped to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk region during the winter offensive, the invaders managed to capture only three settlements — Krasna Hora, Kurdiumivka, and Soledar.

Fierce fighting continues in Bakhmut. The Russians throw huge forces to storm the city, but in the end they only increase the statistics of their losses. Moreover, analysts stressed that there are dozens more settlements in the Donetsk region, some of which are much larger than Bakhmut, and they remain an elusive target for Russian troops.

The experts claim that a breakthrough for Russia appears increasingly unlikely. Regardless of the outcome in the fierce battle of Bakhmut, Moscow’s inability to gain substantial ground in the Donbas shows how little its offensive has achieved.

NYT underlines that after mobilizing hundreds of thousands of troops, Russia is no longer severely understaffed, but even with more troops and firepower, Russia has, at best, only managed to inch forward, encountering well-prepared Ukrainian positions with defensive lines heavily fortified.


  1. The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strategy proved to be brilliant.
    The mafia Armed Forces’ strategy proved to be witless.

    • As we’ve talked about before, rashists are stupid evil. The AFU has become masters of the art of war and shall be victorious.

  2. The article says that russia have captured 3 settlements. This is wrong, russia captured 3 piles of useless rubble. The orcs plan all along was the total destruction of Ukraine, it’s towns, cities and people. Yet Ukraine are still fighting with one hand tied behind it’s back, because of spineless bastards in the West, who could have give weapons to Ukraine that would have stopped this war in it’s tracks.

    • Indeed, the cowardice and incompetence of the combined Western leaders is simply mind-boggling!

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