“Missile coming from Ukraine” shot down in city of Feodosiia, Crimea

 8 APRIL 2023

Residents of the occupied Crimea have reported explosions in the city of Feodosiia in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Source: local Kremlin-aligned media outlet ChP Krym; Sergey Aksyonov, Russian-appointed “Head of Crimea”

Details: As locals stated, explosions occurred around 10:59 on 8 April. Propagandists reportedly quote people who heard explosions.

Quote: “Two loud bangs were heard and car alarms went off in Feodosiia, on Druzhby Street.”

“I live on Garnayeva Street. The blasts were powerful, but I can’t detect anything visually, as multi-storey buildings are all around.”

“Everyone heard it, but there was no smoke and nothing visible. My husband was in [the city of] Staryi Krym and also heard these explosions, but not much.”

Update: Aksyonov claimed that “a missile launched from Ukraine was shot down over Feodosiia”.

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  1. If this was a missile fired by Ukraine, then it was a long-range one, seeing that Feodosia, Crimea, is around 250 km from the nearest Ukrainian lines.

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