Medvedev is hysterical again: now he declares that nobody needs Ukraine

Evgenia Sokolenko12:55, 08.04.23

Medvedev claims that Ukrainians “are forced to live in constant anxiety and fear.”

The disgraced Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation  Dmitry Medvedev  was marked by another hysterical post. Now he assures that nobody needs Ukraine.

“Why will Ukraine disappear? Because no one needs it,” a Russian official began his crazy post on his VKontakte page.

Further, his publication is divided into six points, in which he explains why Europe, the USA, Africa and Latin America, Asia, as well as Russia and Ukrainian citizens themselves allegedly do not need Ukraine. Medvedev called the current Ukrainian state “a misunderstanding generated by the collapse of the USSR.”

“And therefore we don’t need a sub-Ukraine. We need a big great Russia,” the politician wrote. 

He claims that Ukrainians “are forced to live in constant anxiety and fear” and “want to go anywhere.” Naturally, the Russian official is silent about how Russia’s war against Ukraine affects anxiety and security inside the country.

“No one on the planet needs such a Ukraine. That is why it will not exist,” he sums up.

Scandalous posts by Medvedev in social networks

Recently, Medvedev threatened the Ukrainian authorities with the judgment of God, and also quoted the Apocalypse. In this way, he showed his dissatisfaction  with the situation around the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra .

Prior to this, the former president of the occupying country threatened NATO peacekeepers with “coffins” when they were sent to Ukraine.

When “import substitution” did not work in Russian cinema, Medvedev urged Russians to download pirated films .

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  1. I think Ukrainians need Ukraine. Duh. What a stupid, idiotic statement about a whole people’s homeland. What would he say, if I asked him “Why do need russia? Who needs russia? Even more than that, would the world be a lot more peaceful if russia suddenly disappeared from existence?”

    I know there’s lots of good russians who openly want peace, for the war to end, and I’m sure many more secretly hate their own government for attacking Ukraine. But if medvedev wants to declare the “uselessness” of Ukraine then he may as well just declare himself useless, and in making an “excuse” like this, he makes himself more of a target. Not just for Ukrainian snipers, but also for any russian who was hurt by the war and knows who the blame falls on.

    Sooner or later, statements like medvedev’s and others of putin’s criminal coterie will inspire even formerly loyal russians to revolt. Not even china can fix russia’s problems.

  2. ” “Why will Ukraine disappear? Because no one needs it,” a Russian official began his crazy post on his VKontakte page.”
    Then go the fuck home asshole.
    Easy solution to all your problems.

  3. I don’t understand how this delusional psychopath manages to hold his position or isn’t roundly condemned by the scum sucking orcs. He’s obviously out of his mind. Unfortunately the orcs only salvation will take total destruction of their imperialistic attitudes which will take generations, if ever. First they need to get rid of the psychopaths running the government.

    • Putin’s little drink mushroom needs a little attention once in a while but he is still cloaked in confusion…
      “No one on the planet needs such a drunk mushroom. That is why he will not exist,”
      There, fixed it for you, mushroom.

  4. Great, just what we need on a slow news day; the drunk mafia monkey chattering nonsense again.

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