French Court Declares Kremlin Propaganda RT France Bankrupt

Anastasia Pechenyuk15:16, 08.04.23

All RT France employees will be fired in the coming days.

A French commercial court has officially declared the Kremlin-backed media company RT France bankrupt. Her accounts were blocked at the beginning of the year.

“The court of Nanterre decided to liquidate RT France – a media outlet that [French President] Emmanuel Macron did not like from the moment it was launched and which was under EU sanctions for a year, as a preventive measure due to the conflict in Ukraine – our visibility in Europe was erased, then have frozen all of our funds and assets to make sure we no longer produce content,” Ksenia Fedorova, head of the channel, announced on Twitter.

According to Fedorova, RT France employees will be fired in the coming days.

RT France ban 

Last March, following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the EU banned Russian government media such as Sputnik and RT (Russia Today) from broadcasting in Europe.

However, the sanctions did not prevent publications from releasing content. In particular, the Russian channel continued to create, publish and broadcast materials aimed at French-speaking audiences in African countries such as Mali and Burkina Faso.

In January 2023, following the December decision of the EU to freeze the assets of propagandists, the French government blocked the bank accounts of RT France, and the company was subsequently declared bankrupt. Then the Foreign Ministry of the aggressor state began to threaten “retaliatory measures.”

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