Empire, Integration and Ukraine

By Dr Snyder

The attached link is a presentation made by Dr Snyder at Princeton on April 6. The symposium was related to the European Union. Dr Snyder provides some very stunning similarities of War War 2 and the current war in Ukraine. In particular Dr Snyder compares Nazi Germany’s view that Poland does not exist and is similar to Russia’s view of Ukraine. The audio represents his views of the European Union in the context of why it was created as a consequence of WW2. I do hope you find it interesting

I’m not sure the audio will play as this a subscribed version but I checked and it seems to work but I’m not sure. If it isn’t working please let me know and I will try to get Dr Snyder to send an unrestricted copy



  1. It works for me, sir Cap. Thanks for the interesting audio. Dr. Snyder is always worth a listen or read.

    • His analysis of the EU and the comparison to Nazi Germany and todays Russia is truly great. I especially liked his analysis of the end of WWII where he said in 1945 Peace was not the outcome it was actually DEFEAT of Germany that allowed democracy back.

      • Indeed, a military defeat is what is needed in this war, too. Nothing less is acceptable.

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