“Americans see everything!”: Skabeeva was furious because of satellite images of trenches in the Crimea (video)

Olga Robeyko 12:13, 08.04.23

Everything is visible from above, the top propagandist is indignant: trenches, ditches, “dragon’s teeth”.

On the eve of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is expected in the coming weeks, Russian propagandists went into a real hysteria.

For example, Putinist Olga Skabeeva, on the air of RosTV, is perplexed how the Russian occupiers can prepare for the defense of Crimea, when the Americans are watching everything.

We are talking about satellite images of the American company Maxar, which were published the day before by The Washington Post. 

“In other words, the Americans see everything! And if so, then so do the Ukrainians! In this sense, how to organize defense when everything is in full view?” Skabeeva complained.

What is happening in Crimea on the eve of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Earlier, The Washington Post, citing Maxar satellite photos, showed how the Russian invaders built  a whole network of trenches and barriers in the annexed Crimea in a few weeks .

The invaders built fortifications in the areas of the settlements of Medvedevka, Vitino, Armyansk, Maslovo and in other parts of the peninsula.

Photo evidence also appeared that the Russian army had devastated its bases in the north of the temporarily occupied Crimea over the past month: artillery, tanks and other equipment were withdrawn from there .

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  2. The United States sees even more than Scab-eeva and her fellow roaches even realize.

    • Scabby might start feeling better if she stopped encouraging genocide of innocent people. But instead she serves lies and propaganda for an evil, depraved fascist dictator.

  3. Thi is what happens when you mess with the best ISR system in the world. Kills me that they still think they could win a war with NATO.

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