Zelensky dotted the “i” in the issue of Crimea: “De-occupation is uncontested”

Vitaly Saenko20:51, 04/07/23

The head of state is convinced that Ukraine will win and return Crimea.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky states that the de-occupation of Crimea states that the de-occupation of Crimea is a non-alternative goal of Ukraine.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Zelensky said this during a speech at the Birlik Crimean Tatar cultural center on the occasion of the official opening of the traditional Iftar dinner.

“Let’s not forget that it was precisely with the occupation of our Ukrainian Crimea, it was with the repressions in Crimea against Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar freedom, against Crimean Muslims, that Russia’s attempt to enslave Ukraine and other peoples of civilized Europe began,” Zelensky said.

The President recalled that now evil reigns in Crimea under the Russian tricolor – there are humiliations, repressions, murders and war.

“But where the path of evil began, it is there that we are waiting, I am sure, for victory over this evil. The de-occupation of Crimea is uncontested not only for Ukraine, but for the whole world. I am sure of this. For order in the world, which is based on conventions and the UN Charter, and not on the criminal habits of murderers, rapists, robbers that Russia is trying to spread,” Zelensky stressed.

The President added that Ukraine rightly expects respect for its territorial integrity within all borders – from northern Ukrainian cities to Sevastopol and Kerch in the south, just as it respects the territorial integrity of all states from Europe to Latin America.

“We will return to the Crimea, and then peace will return to the world, because the aggressor will lose. Everything else can only inflame Russia’s thirst for war. evil and ruins in the world. The victory of our state, the victory of each of us, the victory of Ukraine will mean the victory of life, the life of all of us, all Ukrainians,” Zelensky said.

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