The occupiers figured out how to “protect” Crimea for a penny: they use drug addicts and alcoholics

Veronika Prokhorenko08:05, 07.04.23

The Russian army promises them a monetary reward for their efforts, but mostly leaves them with empty pockets.

The occupiers  are attracting disadvantaged sections of the local population to the construction of fortifications on the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea (in the Dzhankoy region). In particular, drug addicts and alcoholics.

Mostly they work for the enemy for free, the occupiers do not pay them anything, despite promises. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its morning report on Friday, April 6. 

“The occupiers promise the workers a monetary reward, but people do not receive it, or do not receive it in full. Cases have been recorded when deceived people refuse to cooperate further, after which, the armed occupiers force them to dig trenches,” the report says.

Russia has created a network of trenches and barriers in the occupied Crimea

The occupiers have been nervous for some time about the long-awaited counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which may begin in the spring . The Ukrainian authorities and the General Staff have repeatedly stressed that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, in the event of a large-scale offensive by the Ukrainian army, Ukraine, at a certain stage of the maneuvers, will definitely liberate the peninsula.

The Russian army understands this “prospect”, so now it is actively building defensive engineering structures on the territory of Crimea. Recently , The Washington Post found out that the enemy has flooded the entire Black Sea coast with anti-tank installations and defensive trenches, behind which he plans to hide from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

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  1. Fear … is what you see when obeserving mafia activity on the Crimea. Acute, consummate fear is what the cockroaches have of the AFU.
    Too bad we don’t know how many ruskies have already fled the peninsula.

  2. Blow that fucking bridge, and Crimea just becomes a death trap for the scum. No way in and no way out.

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