The collapse of the Russian economy is inevitable: the expert explained why and when it will happen

Artem Budrin20:25, 07.04.23

Moscow no longer gives external loans.

The Russian economy is definitely experiencing a collapse due to the war in Ukraine. Andriy Dubas, president of the Association of Ukrainian Banks, told Espresso that Russia is trying its best to stay afloat.

“All that is left for the Russian Federation is to force its banks to buy government securities, because no one lends them from outside. The funds of banks and clients will be transferred to the use of the state. This is a bad signal for the citizens of the Russian Federation and a good signal for us,” the expert noted .

Dubas noted that the collapse should not be expected long. Western sanctions are hitting the aggressor’s economic sector more and more every day.

“The collapse of the Russian economy is inevitable. It is difficult to predict what this could lead to from a political point of view. The fact that they have an economic collapse is not far off is unequivocal. All sanctions and actions to reduce Russia’s ability to fight today are coming into reality and are rolling in an avalanche on the Russian budget, the economy, the ruble and revenues,” he said.

The Russian economy is suffering because of the war

The economy of the aggressor country began to suffer heavy losses from the start of a full-scale invasion due to Western sanctions. Many businesses left the Russian market and still continue to leave it.

At the beginning of March 2023, the head of the GUR, Kirill Budanov, said that Russia would not be able to cover the costs of an aggressive war against Ukraine in the summer . The Russian Federation still has time until the end of spring to achieve success on the battlefield.

The KSE Institute researchers noted that the Kremlin is no longer able to contain the effect of spices. Resilience limit reached.

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  1. “The Russian economy is definitely experiencing a collapse due to the war in Ukraine.”

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