Putin’s Embarrassing Moment of Utter Silence Before a Group of New Ambassedors

April 7, 2023

Russian dictator Vlad Putin welcomed 17 new ambassadors in the Kremlin, including US Ambassador Lynne Tracy, on Wednesday. Now, social networks are in an uproar over his speech, in particular, the end of it. The 17 new representatives are from Denmark, Paraguay, Norway, Equatorial Guinea, Oman, Syria, Macedonia, Brunei Darussalam, Mexico, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Abkhazia, United States of America, Iraq, Cambodia, Republic of Guinea, and the European Union.

In Vlad Putin’s meeting with these diplomats in Moscow, he accused the West of a geopolitical confrontation with Russia. At the ceremony in the Kremlin, marking the inauguration of the new ambassadors, Putin claimed that the EU conceived this confrontation with mafia land and abandoned its mission of developing economic cooperation and integration on the European continent. Furthermore, Putin accused the United States of having sparked the conflict in Ukraine with a revolution. At the same time, he spoke of Russia’s fundamental willingness to enter into dialogue with all states and to a partnership on an equal footing.

The despot also spoke other nonsense, which the reader can see in the video, if he or she so desires. Naturally, what he does not mention is the fact that it is he, who has started all of these problems, not only his illegal war, but every other problem that existed before the war and up until this very moment in time. These are problems that he’s now trying to accuse others of. This is wholly in line of a true fascist. He is not only a fascist, but also an organized crime figure, and now, since the 17th of March 2023, he’s officially a wanted war criminal. It’s one of humanity’s great mysteries, why this country’s purported government is given official status.

What’s remarkable about the incident in the Kremlin on Wednesday is the presence of diplomats from certain countries friendly to mafia land, notably Syria, Abkhazia, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, and Iraq, who all remained just as silent as the rest.


  1. I believe that in order to join the Ruskie Elite one must demonstrate a high level of delusional schizophrenia combined with sociopathic tendencies.

      • Well, diplomats often are not as pro-government as they look at the outside.

        They are still people with opinions and feelings and often highly educated and well aware of what is happening in the world.

        I have once met a U.S. diplomat that absolutely hated Trump, but didn’t say it with words but made it clear by laughing at jokes and facial expressions.

        (It was at a bar and there was a lot of alcohol)

        But you can still see what you can do within the limits of what your government allows you to do.

        I think poorly organised countries such as Zimbabwe often don’t have a great level of control of what their diplomats are doing. Sure, at the UN they will vote like an arsegiver because that is publicly visible and they can be held accountable for that, but not for what they say privately.

        I am not saying all of them aren’t arsegivers, but I think often they are liberals that chose their jobs because they want to travel and see the world, and the only way to do so is to give arse every now and then.

        • I’m not saying that all diplomats are a true reflection of their governments. But, I think most of them are, in particular in ones that are corrupt, and/or repressive.

      • I’m glad you found this clip Sir Facts, this is the scandal I was talking about yesterday. Poopin has lost respect with the world and now he’s reaping what he sowed, he’s nothing but a 2-bit Potemkin dictator.

        • “…he’s nothing but a 2-bit Potemkin dictator.”

          Not to forget, a wanted war criminal.

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