In the Bryansk region, the base of the border guards was destroyed – the interception of the GUR (video)

Yuri Kobzar21:00, 07.04.23

The day before, Russian rebels staged a raid on the border region of the Bryansk region.

During the raid of Russian rebels in the Bryansk region on April 6, a blow was struck at the base of the border guards – they suffered tangible losses there. This is evidenced by an audio recording with the interception of the conversation of the Russian military, which was published by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

On the audio, in which swear words abound, apparently the Russian military is telling someone that a base of border guards was broken in the village of Zapesochye, Bryansk Region.

“I don’t know about the dead, but they said that the wounded were dead,” because the ambulances were very dead,” says an unknown person on the recording. from Bryansk

The Main Intelligence Directorate claims that during this event, “two militants of the occupying army” were destroyed, “a significant number” of the invaders were wounded, one armored personnel carrier was disabled, other equipment and property of the invaders were damaged.

“Despite the statements of the Kremlin leadership, the protest of the Russians against the current regime is quite possible. A vivid confirmation of this is the recent events in the Bryansk region,” the GUR said.

RDK raids in the Bryansk region 

The day before, an organization known as the “Russian Volunteer Corps” published a video of its raid on the border region of the Bryansk region. The fact of the raid was confirmed by the Russian authorities in the region.

This is not the first such action of this movement. In early March, the RDK group already carried out a similar raid , during which a whole “photo session” was arranged near the rural paramedic’s station.

The Russian authorities then announced the alleged death of several civilians during the RDK raid. Later, the FSB showed footage of civilian cars that had been shot down, which strongly resembled the production.

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