Everyone Drafted And Pushed Into Bus: Mass Mobilization Is Underway In Belarus

What is currently known?


On April 3, another operational readiness inspection of the Belarusian army started. They didn’t have time to hand out summonses in advance to the military commissariats, so people are being taken away suddenly, and many are not even allowed to get ready. Sometimes those liable for military service are taken to gathering points, even at night.

Their relatives are concerned that many are taken without any explanation.

The Charter97.org website has gethered current available information.

Belarusian state bodies began to increasengly hand over summons to the military commisariates immediately after the start of checking the army combat readiness in Brest. If it was not possible to hand over personally, they brought the summons to work. When issuing the summons, people were assured that the data needed to be clarified and that it would take only half an hour. Many were not ready for what was going to happen next.

“While my son was in touch, he said that 400 people were put into buses with him and sent somewhere in the direction of Hrodna. People have nothing with them, no cash, no personal supplies, many have jobs, some are businessmen. The son told the military comisariate that he was involved in the production and his enterprise needs him, even his boss confirmed this to them. No one was listening to them. About three o’clock in the afternoon, I managed to tell me that they were heading Pruzhany, and the phones became unavailable. Their officers were also shocked. It seems that they were also confronted with the fact in the morning, they didn’t even know how many people they would have, and the buses arrived then. My son said that they gave him a uniform and a bed, but in general, there is some kind of mess, no one knows what to do next,” one of the residents of Brest describes the situation.

In some localities, conscripts are called to gether points even at night.

“I was called to the Ice Palace at 3 am on Saturday. The night visit worries me: there are no term indications, and also that the agenda indicates the purpose – “mobilization, mobilization training, special training”, but they did not underline the exact purpose,” a Baranavichy resident said,” a resident of Baranavichy shared his thoughts about the upcoming events.

“In the evening they brought a summons to my husband’s workplace, and in the morning they took him to Slonim. My brother was also taken there, although he was already at the training camp, less than a year had passed. It’s very scary, you never know where they can be sent now,” said the wife of one of the conscripts.

A similar situation happened in Lida. They were taking people right from their workplaces at the Lidselmash plant, they were only allowed to run home for their personal belongings.

Some Belarusians are taken away from home even without handing summons. Residents of Luninets report that since Tuesday, the so-called mobilization has been going on in the regional center, in Mikashevichi and in the region. Men are taken away from home, from the street, workplaces. They handed summons to some of them, but not to all. About 200 men were taken away in Luninets in two days.

“My colleague was taken right out of his bed. According to his wife, they called the intercom of his apartments early in the morning, introducing themselves as neighbors. She opened. Then the unknown persons entered the apartment and lifted her husband out of bed. They did not allow him to get ready. They didn’t leave any reference for his employees,” said an employee of one of the city’s enterprises.

Then it became known that the man and others were taken by bus to Slonim. They told that there were no places left in the bus, and they let me go, but with a summons.

At the same time, the Lukashists [ass wipes loyal to Lukashenko–OFP] do not explain anything, claiming that this is a “combat readiness check” and the information is classified.

It is worth noting that in early March, the Security Council of Belarus allowed Defence Minister Viktar Khrenin to “mobilize” 150,000 Belarusians. They published a resolution providing this on March 8 on the National Legal Internet Portal.

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  1. Either this is starting to get serious in Belarus, or this is only an effort to fool the rat in Moscow, that something is being done, regarding Belarusian mobilization for war.

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