British firm sold $1 billion worth of banned electronics to Russia – FT

Yuri Kobzar17:40, 07.04.23

The British authorities did not notice a large-scale supply channel for sanctioned goods by a London firm.

Over the past year, the British company Mykines Corporation has delivered record volumes of electronics to Russia , most of which is included in the sanctions lists. Writes about it The Financial Times .

According to customs documents seen by journalists, the company supplied semiconductors, servers, laptops, computer components, telecommunications network equipment and consumer electronics to Russia after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We are talking in particular about the products of Huawei, Intel, AMD, Apple and Samsung.

The total value of the delivered items is about $1.2 billion, including $982 million worth of sanctioned electronics. It is noted that Mykines traded with Russia until 2022, but it was after the introduction of Western sanctions that its sales volumes increased sharply.

The journalists also found out that through a chain of contractors, the recipient of part of these products could be the state corporation Rostec, which designs and manufactures, among other things, weapons, in particular aviation equipment.

How Russia circumvents Western sanctions

As an investigation by a group of international experts showed, Russia successfully circumvented many sanctions on the supply of critical goods from the first days of the war. Until at least November, Russia continued to receive foreign components that it used to manufacture weapons.

According to Bloomberg , in general, Russia managed to return imports to the level of 2020. The main supply flows now go through Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan.

Currently, Western countries are working to block the channels through which Russia circumvents sanctions. Future sanctions packages are expected to focus primarily on this.

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