15 Military KamAZ Trucks With Belarusian Flags Spotted In Melitopol

Later, the AFU smashed the convoy of vehicles, which the occupants had been collecting in the city for four days.


Yesterday, April 6, around 9:30 p.m., residents of occupied Melitopol heard sounds similar to explosions on the northern outskirts.

As it turned out, these were “arrivals” at the site of the accumulation of enemy military hardware and manpower.

Today, April 7, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, shared the details of yesterday’s “arrivals” in a live broadcast of a national TV marathon.

As it turned out, the occupants had been bringing military equipment to the area of the village of Vesele for four days.

The enemy attempted to deliver the military equipment having disabled mobile Internet and telephone communications in the area so that local residents would not give out the coordinates to the AFU.

However, we can conclude from yesterday’s “arrivals” that the enemy failed to succeed in its operation.

Fedorov also voiced information regarding the recent “arrivals” to the airfield area. For several days, the occupants used helicopters to deliver some super-valuable cargo, which was destroyed by Ukrainian artillery.

Fedorov reminded that for the second week in a row, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been carrying out a series of strikes on the occupants and military hardware in Melitopol Region.

Meanwhile, residents of Melitopol reported that 15 KamAZ trucks with Belarusian flags passed through the city the other day.

It is possible that the trucks were carrying Wagner fighters, who were being transferred to the southern direction amid talk of a counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Later, it became known that the Wagner fighters had appeared in Kyrylivka. They immediately distinguished themselves by robbing a local resident. The so-called “military police” is just making a helpless gesture and saying that there is nothing they can do about it.


  1. “Meanwhile, residents of Melitopol reported that 15 KamAZ trucks with Belarusian flags passed through the city the other day.”

    How much equipment have the cockroaches removed from Belarusian arsenals? The other day, another few thousand cockroaches have been moved out of Belarus and transferred to Donbass. Certainly, Belarus is wide open for attack, which Ukraine should take advantage of.
    At any rate, I’m very pleased by the work of Ukraine strikes in Melitopol and its surroundings.

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