Russian Volunteer Corps attacks Bryansk Oblast again

6 APRIL 2023

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), whose soldiers claim to be fighting on the side of Ukraine, said that they had once again “performed combat missions” in Bryansk Oblast.

Source: RVC Telegram channel; Latvian-based Russian media outlet MeduzaRBC, citing the Russian Defence Ministry

Details: On 6 April, Alexander Bogomaz, Governor of Bryansk Oblast in Russia, announced that the employees of the border department of the FSB prevented the attempt of “20 Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups” to enter the territory of Russia. According to him, this happened near the village of Sluchovsk, which is located approximately 1.5 km from the border with Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine.

The governor of Bryansk Oblast claimed that the Armed Forces of Russia, together with the border troops, inflicted “fire damage on the enemy”.

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation confirmed Bogomaz’s words.

A little later, a statement by the Russian Volunteer Corps appeared in Telegram, stating that what Bogomaz said was a lie. RVC reports that it “again visited” Bryansk Oblast, where the fighters managed to perform “combat tasks”, communicate with residents, hand them their postcards and “ask them to hide during the hostilities”.

As proof, the corps released a video in which its fighters really communicate with the residents of the village of Sluchovsk and conduct combat operations there.

Background: At the beginning of March, a sabotage and reconnaissance group created a commotion in Bryansk Oblast. Russian propagandists blamed Ukraine for this, but the Russian Volunteer Corps explained the situation. Denis Nikitin, the commander of RVC, said that the operation is RVC’s responsibility and the Ukrainian authorities were aware of it.

The Russian Volunteer Corps said that the operation’s aim was to show that free Russian people with weapons in their hands can fight against Putin’s regime.

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  1. A massive B-52 raid across mafia land would be wonderful, but an occasional raid by partisans is better than nothing.

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