Putin took action because of the depreciation of “boundless friendship” between Russia and China – ISW

Veronika Prokhorenko06:35, 04/06/23

The Russian leader defiantly made a number of statements on April 5 because of the humiliation he felt in connection with the Chinese statement.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has stepped up his efforts on the international stage in an attempt to justify the importance of Russia,  relations with which China has recently devalued .

This is stated in the report of analysts of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW). They drew attention to the behavior of the Russian dictator, who on April 5, during a televised meeting with the presentation of credentials to the heads of 17 diplomatic missions, made several statements regarding Russia’s partnership with other countries of the Middle East.

In particular, Putin noted close cooperation with Syria, which, according to him, is a reliable partner for Moscow, and also mentioned the success of cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

ISW says that such “speech” Putin voiced in connection with the diplomatic statement of China, which challenged the “boundless friendship” with the Russian Federation. Thus, Putin is trying to portray the Russian Federation as a respected world power.

China’s statement regarding “friendship” with Russia

Recall that the day before, Chinese Ambassador to the EU Fu Cong said that the thesis of the PRC government  regarding “boundless friendship” with the Russian Federation is nothing more than a rhetorical device that was misinterpreted by experts and the media. 

We are talking about a statement that the leader of the Russian Federation and the head of China, Xi Jinping, signed during an informal meeting in Moscow on March 20 . The document proclaimed “limitless friendship” between their countries, but according to Fu Cong, this is not true and some people “intentionally misinterpret that there is a so-called ‘limitless’ friendship or relationship.”

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  1. “Thus, Putin is trying to portray the Russian Federation as a respected world power.”

    He didn’t get any respect from these 17 nation’s diplomats.
    It has been protocol in russia for several decades for these Diplomats to applaud the russian president after his speech and after they get their credentials approved with the diplomas Putin gives them.

    It was silence. I had a video from Telegram but I couldn’t get a copy into this format. Perhaps Foccusser the wizard will be able to do it. Its a huge scandal in Ukraine.

    Putin stopped talking after congratulating the new Diplomats and there was silence. No applause. So, he went back to the microphone and started speaking again. A couple sentences later he finished again. Again, no applause. So he humbled himself out of the room. Priceless!

    • You must open the particular Telegram channel and download the video on your device and then upload the video onto here. Telegram is a pain in the ass in this regard. Twitter and YouTube are much better.
      At any rate, I want to see that video.

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