No more than 5 people know counteroffensive plan of Armed Forces of Ukraine – Ukraine’s Defence Council Secretary

6 APRIL 2023

Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, stated that no more than five people on the planet have information about where and when the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin. 

Source: Danilov in the interview with Radio Svoboda (Liberty)

Details: To whether there are statements about, for example, the date of the start of the counteroffensive strategy of Ukraine, Danilov answered:

Quote: “I can say that today there is a very limited number of people who have information on where, when, and how certain actions will be initiated on the territory of our planet. No more than three to five people…

And when people make certain statements, keep in mind that this may not be true.

When this or that military action begins, this or that military operation is information for a very limited circle of people.”

More details: Danilov added that Ukrainians will notice when “everything begins”. He added that “where, when and at what time” is a completely confidential question.


  • In late March, Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defence of Ukraine, said that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is planning to conduct a counter-offensive on several fronts, but it all depends on the weather conditions. The Ukrainian troops are also waiting for the “right moment”, and Reznikov believes it will happen in April or May.
  • Dmytro Kuleba, Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasised that the narrative of a counteroffensive as a decisive battle is dangerous for Ukraine, because in the event of failure, those in the West who pushed Ukraine to compromise with Russia will strengthen their positions. According to him, if the spring counteroffensive is perceived as decisive, but does not lead to “100% liberation of Ukrainian territory”, then “some may say that it was the last decisive battle, and now we have to think about an alternative scenario”.

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  1. “And when people make certain statements, keep in mind that this may not be true.”

    Or, it might be true.
    Or, parts might be true.
    Or, parts might not be true.
    Ask me, I know it.
    Or, I might not know it.
    Or, I might know parts of it.
    Or, I might not know parts of it.

    • A very professional statement from a professional military leader. Only 3-5 people know. That the way it should be. Bravo

  2. Ukraine War Plans Leak Prompts Pentagon Investigation

    Classified documents detailing secret American and NATO plans have appeared on Twitter and Telegram.

    Classified war documents detailing secret American and NATO plans for building up the Ukrainian military ahead of a planned offensive against Russia were posted this week on social media channels, senior Biden administration officials said.

    The Pentagon is investigating who may have been behind the leak of the documents, which appeared on Twitter and on Telegram, a platform with more than half a billion users that is widely available in Russia.

    Military analysts said the documents appear to have been modified in certain parts from their original format, overstating American estimates of Ukrainian war dead and understating estimates of Russian troops killed.

    The modifications could point to an effort of disinformation by Moscow, the analysts said. But the disclosures in the original documents, which appear as photographs of charts of anticipated weapons deliveries, troop and battalion strengths, and other plans, represents a significant breach of American intelligence in the effort to aid Ukraine.

  3. Very disturbing, thanks for sharing Sir Larry. There was a mention that documents were several weeks old (from original article before it kicked me off) however this breach needs to be responded to as well as investigated to see how this breach happened.

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