After the resumption of production, “Ukrainian armored vehicles” delivered more than 100,000 60-mm mortar rounds to the Armed Forces

The company “Ukrainian armored vehicles” has resumed serial production of 60-mm mortar rounds and has already supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with more than 100,000 units.

This is reported by  the Industrial Portal , with reference to the company’s message .

It is reported that “Ukrainian armored vehicles” used the NATO approach for the first time in Ukraine and manufactures not a mine of 60 mm caliber, but a shot. A classic post-Soviet model mine is a case without an installed cartridge and detonator, all components of which are already screwed into position, which requires gunners to have a higher level of training and more time to perform a combat mission.

Ukrainian-made 60-mm mortar rounds. Photo: Ukrainian armored vehicles

“Our mortar shot is a shot fully equipped with the maximum powder charge, hermetically packed in an individual tube. It can be used immediately in positions without additional training, which adds mobility to our military. Today, this is the only Ukrainian mortar shot produced by the domestic military industry,” explained the company’s general director, Vladyslav Belbas.

Ukrainian-made 60-mm mortar rounds. Photo: Ukrainian armored vehicles

According to him, the 60-mm mortar round produced by “Ukrainian armored vehicles” was adopted at the end of 2018 after testing and the order of the Ministry of Defense. Serial production for the needs of the Ukrainian army began in 2019.

Polish 60-mm mortar LMP-2017. Photo: Zakłady Mechaniczne Tarnów

“Unfortunately, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, part of the production facilities of the enterprise was lost, part of it fell into occupation. At the moment, “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles”, using the principles of distributed production, has restored the possibility of serial production of such ammunition needed by the Defense Forces at the relocated sites,” Belbas assured.

We will remind you that recently the Varta armored car from the Ukrainian armored vehicle company saved the lives of soldiers during artillery fire near Bakhmut.

The Varta armored car after coming under artillery fire near Bakhmut. Photo: Ukrainian armored vehicles


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