Russian oligarch, 49, found dead in jail over bribery allegations


Another Russian oligarch has died in suspicious circumstances. The body of 49-year-old Igor Shkurko was discovered in Yakutsk prison on Tuesday. The former CEO of energy company Yakutskenergo was accused of bribery. A day before his death, Shkurko had appealed against that decision.

Igor Shkurko was found dead in his cell, Russian authorities said.

Shkurko was a member of the pro-Putin United Russia party, but was suspended following bribery allegations. The cause of death has not yet been communicated. “On April 4, the suspect was found in a cell of the pre-trial detention center without any sign of life,” said the Russian authorities in Siberia. “An investigation team has been called to the scene. According to preliminary data, no signs of a criminal death have been found.”

Shkurko is by no means the only Russian oligarch to have recently died in suspicious circumstances. Since the invasion of Ukraine 13 months ago, dozens of top executives of Russian companies have lost their lives. The cause of death given by the Russian authorities in the deaths is often shrouded in mystery.

The 48-year-old victim was married and leaves two sons. “We will remember him as an open, hospitable man with a big heart and a good sense of humor, the caring head of a close-knit family,” the energy company said in a statement.



  1. Since when do scum sucking oligarchs get put in jail for bribing. Something smells here and it ain’t his cadaver.

  2. Putin is becoming fearful of the real power in the criminal society. Putin has power only because people like this guy allow it. He was probably organising a well-funded resistance so he had to go to jail. He apparently didn’t learn his lesson so he had to be killed.

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