Putin will try to raise the stakes and prolong the war against Ukraine, thinking that NATO will be the first to surrender, – analysis

Strategically, Russian President Vladimir Putin lost a long time ago – he did not have a good way out of the situation. He will raise the stakes and prolong the war against Ukraine. This was announced today, on April 4, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel by the people’s deputy of Ukraine, the head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Yegor Chernev.

“Vladimir Putin has a hopeless situation in his hands, from which he has no good solutions and no good exits. And he understands it. And this understanding leads him to the fact that he will try to raise the stakes. And he will try to drag out this war, thinking that the Alliance will surrender first and say: “Well, let’s sit down at the negotiating table and decide something.” Of course, strategically, he lost a long time ago. Strategically, he lost when he did not succeed in a blitzkrieg. After that, it became clear that he would not have any significant success on the battlefield. After Rammstein was formed, it became clear that the West would not go back, refuse help, ”he said.

And after NATO’s decision last summer that they invite Sweden and Finland to the Alliance, this, according to the people’s deputy, is a complete fiasco.

“Do you remember how Peskov and the Kremlin reacted to this, saying that “well, they want it, in general, let them join, it doesn’t threaten us.” Of course, Finland and Sweden also understand very well that there would be no war in Ukraine, the reaction would be completely different. There would be blackmail, there would be threats, anything, there would be a pulling of troops to the borders with Finland. Therefore, here, of course, it is clear that Putin’s strategic loss on the geopolitical map today is fixed by raising the flag of Finland on the flagpole at NATO headquarters. Sweden coming soon. And the increase in the border by 1340 km, along with the Swedish one in terms of water, is, of course, definitely impossible to call some kind of victory, ”says Chernev.

Because, he recalled, a full-scale invasion of Ukraine began with an ultimatum from Russia to NATO to withdraw to the 1997 borders.

“And the Kremlin really thought that this was possible, that they underestimated NATO so much, they underestimated the West so much, they thought that they were weak and did not want, and could not, and would not allow any war, that now they would gather, take away all their weapons and move back to the 1997 borders. But, you see, it turned out completely differently. And I think that more than 1,500 Ukrainian borders will be added to 1,340 km, which will also be a NATO border,” summed up Yegor Chernev.


  1. If NATO was smart, now would be the time to deploy a 100,000 troops in Finland on exercises. Knowing how paranoid Putler is, he would have to react by dragging some of his orcs out of Ukraine to counter the “threat”.

  2. Of course Putin wants the war to continue. As long as the war continues nobody in RuSSia will envy Ukraine and Ukraine won’t be going anywhere. I hope the US, Canada, Brazil and Australia will make it easier for young ukrainians to live and work there with some special visas that don’t require much. These talented immigrants could become crucial for Ukraine in the futere when the country has to be rebuilt. Ambassadors do you copy?!

    • I think that will effectively cause a brain drain in Ukraine.
      I think you would want to keep Ukrainians in Ukraine instead of working in the EU or the States.

      This was already a problem before 2022.
      For example, why would you become a Air Force pilot for 10 000$ a year if you can make 200 000$ a year in the U.S.?

      We see the same thing happening in Poland: highly educated people working as plumbers in Germany, being replaced with Ukrainians in Poland itself.

      I think many of those fled Ukraine in 2022 and after will never return. They will get a job, have a new social life and a mortgage. They might send some money to their Ukrainian parents and visit them during Christmas, but that will be it.

      I think only the West will benefit from working visa for Ukrainians, because it basically means skilled labour for free as they are already educated.

    • Bad idea, Mike. As Bert said, that would encourage a brain drain in Ukraine. Brazil? That’s a shithole.

  3. “Putin will try to raise the stakes and prolong the war against Ukraine,”

    The little dwarf has changed plans and strategies since shortly after he started this war, all to no avail. He only accomplished one failure after another. So will this end in utter failure.

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