“Happy professional holiday!”: Girkin enchantingly trolls the Kremlin on World Rat Day

Marta Gichko21:55, 04/05/23

The “congratulations” of the terrorist concerned not only Putin’s personnel, but also oligarchs, deputies and top managers of state corporations.

Terrorist Igor Strelkov-Girkin enchantingly trolled the Kremlin, the State Duma, the Government of the Russian Federation, top managers of state corporations and oligarchs, congratulating all of them on World Rat Day.

As Girkin noted in his Telegram channel, he almost missed this holiday, but caught himself in time and “dashed off” congratulations.

“World Rat Day! I almost missed it. But I realized in time and am correcting the mistake: I congratulate the entire staff of the presidential administration and the government of the Russian Federation, VIP managers of state corporations, the vast majority of governors and members of both chambers of the “parliament” of the Russian Federation, as well as all the oligarchs without exception – with their professional holiday,” Girkin said.

He ironically added that he wishes all the aforementioned officials and oligarchs “all the best in this life.” And do not try to repent. Because pans are waiting below… and I’m sure no one will pray for your lost souls,” he added.

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  1. World Rat Day??? Heck we have a few rats to name and wishing them a swift trip to hell…beginning with Trump, Carlson, et al.

  2. I swear, Girkin has some serious kompromat on top Kremlin orcs … or he has more lives than a cat.

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