Barricades and tear gas: in the Chernivtsi region, the priests of the UOC-MP did not let the body of a fighter into the temple

Anastasia Gorbacheva14:33, 04/05/23

Police were also present at the scene of the incident.

Representatives of the UOC-MP again got into a loud scandal. This time in Bukovina, the priests did not let the body of the deceased defender of Ukraine into the temple. 

The priest of the Chernivtsi diocese of the OCU, Vitaliy Menzak, in a commentary to the Espresso.Zakhid publication , said that people came to the temple to see the military man on his last journey, and the priests of the UOC-MP barricaded themselves in the temple. The mother of the deceased begged her son to be buried. According to Menzak, tear gas was used against people.

At the same time, on the page of the Chernivtsi-Bukovina diocese of the UOC-MP in social networks, they stated that the temple would allegedly be stormed, although at that time there was a coffin with a warrior under the temple. 

The head of the Gorishnesherovets TG, Mikhail Savchishin, said that the priests of the UOC-MP barricaded themselves in the church and did not let anyone in.

“People have been wanting to go to the temple for a long time, but the situation is such that they can’t get in. As of now, they managed to bring the body of a warrior into the temple, a service is taking place,” Savchyshyn said.

Law enforcement officers were also present at the scene of the incident, but the priests of the UOC-MP paid no attention to them. Bukovina, representatives of the UOC-MP did not give the burial service of the deceased soldier

The beating of a warrior in the temple of the UOC-MP in Khmelnitsky – what is known

On April 2, in one of the temples of the UOC-MP in Khmelnytskyi, priests and believers  beat up a military man . Witnesses called the police to the temple. On the same day, representatives of the community voted  for the re-registration of the Holy Intercession Cathedral of the UOC-MP under the jurisdiction of the OCU. 

On April 4, at an extraordinary session, the Khmelnytsky City Council  decided  to terminate the use of the UOC-MP by all land plots on the territory of the community. According to Oleksandr Vasylyshyn, deputy of the Khmelnitsky City Council, the UOC-MP priest, who beat up the Ukrainian military man, fled Ukraine

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  1. I think it’s time to treat these priests as enemy combantants and shoot the motherfuckers.

  2. Ukraine must face reality about their evilness and arrest these mafia members in priest robes and send them straight into mafia land.

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