Ukraine needs much more help than promised – NATO Secretary General

Vitaly Saenko18:04, 04.04.23

A meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission is taking place in Brussels.

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), says Ukraine needs much more help than promised.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Stoltenberg said this at the beginning of a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission in Brussels with the participation of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

“The Ukrainian people continue to defend their country against Russian aggression skillfully and courageously. And we will continue to support them for as long as it takes,” Stoltenberg said.

The Alliance Secretary General added that today’s meeting is an important milestone on the way to the NATO leaders’ summit in Vilnius.

“We will discuss what else we can do to ensure that Ukraine wins and triumphs as a sovereign and independent state in Europe,” Stoltenberg added.

He noted that NATO allies are already providing significant support to Ukraine.

“But more is urgently needed. We must fulfill our commitments to training and new heavy weapons, and continue to increase the production of weapons and ammunition,” Stoltenberg said.

According to him, strengthening political and practical support for Ukraine will be discussed, as well as reforms that Ukraine is implementing to fight corruption, strengthen the rule of law and protect the rights of minorities.

Ukraine is present at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance

As UNIAN reported earlier, today, April 4, the first meeting of the commission at the level of foreign ministers of NATO member countries with the participation of Ukraine since 2017 will take place.

Stoltenberg convened a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission despite Hungary’s attempts to block these meetings for the past six years.

In particular, ways to maintain and increase support for Ukraine will be considered.

Stoltenberg expects NATO member countries to start developing a longer-term, multi-year program of support and assistance to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces develop interoperability with the alliance’s armies – move from Soviet-era standards and doctrines to NATO standards and bring Ukraine closer to the Euro-Atlantic family.

Kuleba arrived at NATO headquarters today to speed up the supply of the necessary weapons for a successful counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are talking about artillery shells, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored vehicles.

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  1. “Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), says Ukraine needs much more help than promised.”
    ~Ukraine also needs the promised help to actually arrive. Time has been so wasted, but the next couple weeks are crucial. I hope a lot more help is being provided than what they are telling us.

    Total Victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!💪🇺🇦

    Death and defeat to the genocidal, maniacal, rashist horde, temporary occupiers, and their evil leaders!!!👊💥🔥☠️

  2. It seems that Stoltenberg has become a strong supporter of Ukraine. I think he has seen the light, while many others are still groping around in darkness.

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