Ukraine has a “super weapon”: AFU Are Capable Of Breaking Through And Cutting Enemy Corridor To Crimea


It’s likely that Ukrainian troops will try to break through in the Zaporizhzhia region to the coast of the Sea of Azov, cutting off the land enemy corridor to Crimea.

Russian journalist, historian and writer Yulia Latynina expressed this opinion in her YouTube blog.

She noted that Ukraine did not receive NATO aviation for the counteroffensive. But at the same time, Ukraine has a superweapon – detailed intelligence data about the front.

“From my point of view, the main, absolute super-trump card that exceeds everything (…) is complete, detailed information about everything that happens in the Zaporizhzhia corridor (the main blow will be there). It is relatively well protected after mobilization,” said Mrs Latynina.

She clarifies that there are about 360,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. At the same time, only 40,000 of them are on the frontline, as their command is saving reserves.

“Gerasimov [the head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – Ed.] is also not a fool. He understands that the main thing is to wait until the Ukrainians advance holding the defence and not to burn his troops on the offensive. That’s why he left the Wagner to grind Bakhmut,” the Russian journalist said.

She clarified that the invaders have recently been very intensively retrenching there, preparing for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, Latynina is sure that this will not help the Russians.

“Defense nodes (of the Russian Armed Forces) are not a continuous chain. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will simply bypass all these defence nodes, not to mention the cities. They will bypass it and deliver precision strikes with GLSDB and JDAM. They will smash the headquarters and depots. They’ll start with the headquarters, and very far from the frontline, disorganizating the command. Then depots, and then armoured vehicles will go, which will cut the supply lines,” Mrs Latynina said.

She added that the infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will infiltrate to the rear of the Russians through holes in the defence, bypassing the most fortified areas, when conducting their offensive.


  1. As usual, we can take a grain of salt with this article, although it sounds plausible, the locations could be or could not be. We’ll see…

    • Yeah, nobody has been able to predict Zaluzhny so far and a lot of military enthusiasts like her are trying to put stuff on the record and hope they’re right. I wish they wouldn’t give the ruZZo-monkeys any ideas.

      • Maybe this is just the idea, Red, to give the cockroaches so many ideas that they don’t know in or out anymore.

  2. Okay, yeah I suppose it may be accurate to call it “decisive.” Crucial battles, indeed whole wars, have been flipped around on the linchpin of strategic intelligence, whether in intuitive planning, or from information about the enemy’s secrets.

    I have to admit though, when I read that headline, I immediately thought of the MOAB. There’s a good reason why it’s “informal” acronym is the “Mother Of All Bombs.” Send that against the russians, and their positions will be reduced to smoking craters. Plus none of that nasty radiation to linger around. If biden sent 4 or 5 for Ukraine, I think it would send putin the message that a “super weapon” is for, maybe even make putin back off if America’s showing a more serious willingness towards full World War III, without actually having to commit to it. Of course, scale war would only happen American forces and russian forces are violently fighting each other.

    But Ukraine uses a MOAB? They’re simply defending themselves against an unjustified invasion of their peaceful country. If it ends the war, and sends the orcs fleeing to avoid that fiery wrath, I’m all for it.

  3. For some reason, the webpage isn’t responding to my efforts to reply to my own comment.

    So I’ll add this. A big irritation for Americans is that a vastly increasing rate of inflation, biden’s spending too much on government nonsense. Especially on projects that don’t seem helpful on any practical level. In addition to what I said about how a MOAB would probably send the russians scurrying, a MOAB costs far, far less than even a single current-day, M1 Abrams tank. Ending the war, dragging russia back to negotiating with a more Ukrainian favored settlement, and being a cheaper option than billions of dollars in weapons. I LIKE IT!!!!

    • The MOAB weighs 21,600 lb (9,800 kg). Does Ukraine have anything capable of delivering that? Any C-130’s?

      Plus, as Mike wrote below, the number of civilian casualties would be extremely high – if we’re talking about dropping it on the invaders, those would be Ukrainian civilians.

  4. IIRC, the US has no MOABs in inventory. The last one was dropped about 15 years ago. They can still be made, but think that Biden would not authorize such a thing.

    Ukraine has put out quite a bit of disinfo. Disinfo is a commanders fried, if it works.

    • Good point on disinformation. Also, I didn’t know the last MOAB was made 15 years ago. When I had looked up the last time one was used, it said it was dropped on a taliban stronghold in a mountainous area of Afghanistan, so it seemed like maybe the bomb was still in production, or at least in inventory. I stand corrected, thank you.

    • The US Air Force today still has a dozen in use. They are still in our military’s inventory. But the Pentagon is against using them except for self defense, since the number of civilian casualties would be extremely high. But i doubt Biden would hand any to Ukraine.

    • Trump just dropped a MOAB on the Taliban 5-6 years ago. Be careful casting stones about disinformation, lol…besides it is a war and Ukraine is defending herself.

  5. An offencive to regain Zaporizhzhia and Kherson is THE most logical move. It has the highest Gain to risk ratio in every catigory Politicaly, Militarialy and Economicly.
    That is why I don’t think that is where they will attack. initialy anyway.
    Like the Kherson operation I think they will talk up the attack there and make a half harted attack in Zaph/Kherson and watch were Russian pulls reserves from. More than likely this will be on the Kharkiv Lyman front. the troops there are the elite airborn brigades.
    That is when the UAF will attack in that area in an area that is weak.
    They need to “Sell it” as the main effort and play on the Russian’s paranoia. look for a small contingent of western tanks involved in a very public display.
    Then the UAF will attack in Dontesk in a fake effort to envelop the city. this would be a majo blow to Putin and they will have to respond.
    That is when the real offensive in Zaph/Kherson will begin.
    This is called attacking in echelon. Pulling more and more enemy units away from the main effort.

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