Trump: “Ultimately [Putin] is going to take over all of Ukraine”



  1. This guy is not only orange, or a baboon, or has a big mouth, but he has zero military sense. He should’ve been asked HOW his criminal buddy should accomplish that.
    It’s very strange how well this big mouth gets along with some of the world’s worst dictators. That makes me very suspicious.

  2. Trump will end the war in a day. A war that of course wouldn’t have started if Trump was still in charge.

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    • I’d like to know who the five fuckin idiots are that liked your bullshit. Hey I hope arsgocer you rot in hell you fuckin kirin

    • The more I read your Arsgiver comment the more I see that you’re as fuckin polluted as the Russian scum suckers. Trump is a fuckin disaster to the country and to the world. And that is coming from someone who identifies as a Reagan Republican, the best president this country ever had.

      • what is this obsession with Reagan?
        Let me guess, you were all young by then and most happy.

        I don’t think he belongs to the top tier of American presidents, mostly because of his economic policies. Mostly his deregulation in the banking sector caused bailouts as he lowered capital requirements, laying the groundwork for the 2008 global financial crisis.

        As we saw recently, capital requirements in the U.S. were raised under Obama (undoing Reagan’s policy) but not for regional banks.

        As a result, we saw regional banks like the Silicon Valley bank collapsing while large country-wide banks remained stable despite inflation, covid and rising interest rates.

        Of course it was not only his fault, as his successors did not reverse it.

        Also the public debt increased 3-fold and his policy was mainly centered around the false idea that tax cuts will not lead to a deficit as they stimulate economic growth.

        The latter is true, but they do not fully compensate for the loss of tax revenue.

        Trump made the same promise, and the result was a huge deficit at a time the economy was already growing fast and therefore also stimulating inflation.

        So if you are a fan of Reaganomics, Trump did quite well.

        Also, Reagan wasn’t POTUS at a particular difficult time and he was incredibly lucky by the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

        I don’t think Reagan is the worst, but I don’t think he ranks among the U.S. best presidents.

        If I could name one of the best U.S. presidents in modern history, I would choose Eisenhower. I think he did about everything right.

        Also most historians rate him in the upper tier of U.S. presidents.

        He kept the Russians at bay, did not pass any wars to his successor (the Korean war was won), had a balanced budget while maintaining the New Deal and Social Welfare and a major war.

        Also, he improved the equality of black people and invested in infrastructure, mostly high ways.

        Lastly, he skillfully helped to turn China and the Soviet-Union into a conflict and he started the space / arms race which eventually helped the Soviet Union to collapse.

        In this regard, Reagan mostly continued existing policy but getting all credits for it.

        I think most of Reagan’s policies resulted in some short term benefits, such as lowering capital requirements for banks that result in economic growth for some time, but lead to problems in the long term.

        Eisenhower’s policies however mostly stood the test of time and positive effects can be felt even today.

  3. Great news. The orange man hired a new lawyer. He’s hiring the lawyer that defended Paul Manafort who was found guilty. If it wasn’t for the asswipe named Trump, Manafort would have served eight years in prison. ATA boy Trump, I hope you get the defense you deserve you asswipe.

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