Putin gave orders to the murdered propagandist Tatarsky

Marta Gichko21:27, 04/03/23

It is noted that the dictator posthumously awarded the propagandist for conscientious performance of professional duties.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded the “Order of Courage” to collaborator and propagandist Maxim Fomin ( Vladlen Tatarsky ), who was killed during his recital in St. Petersburg.

According to RBC with reference to Putin’s decree, the so-called “military correspondent” is awarded “for courage and bravery shown in the performance of professional duty.” 

Liquidation of Tatarsky – main news

On April 2, 2023,  a powerful explosion was heard in one of the cafes in St. Petersburg . During a creative evening of propagandist Vladlen Tatarsky. He died on the spot.

A few hours later, the Russian security forces announced the  detention of the suspect . It was reported that a girl named Daria brought a figurine to Tatarsky’s creative evening, which subsequently detonated.

The Kremlin still accused Ukraine of liquidating the Tatar propagandist. So, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov  said that the “Kiev regime” could be behind the murder of Tatarsky.

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  1. “The Kremlin still accused Ukraine of liquidating the Tatar propagandist.”

    We are operating in St. Petersburg now? Nice! If we could pull a stunt like this in St. Petersburg wouldn’t we have vaporized the head nazi in Moscow by now?

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