Propaganda centers for de-Ukrainization to appear in occupied territories – CNS

Evgenia Sokolenko19:54, 03.04.23

These institutions will be created to “strengthen Russian identity and interethnic unity in regions that have only recently been liberated from the yoke of Ukrainian propaganda”

Russians in the temporarily occupied territory of the Zaporozhye region are preparing a propaganda campaign to impose Russian identity on the local population.

“The top military-political leadership of Russia continues to take consistent steps aimed at ousting Ukrainian identity from the consciousness of the population of the HERE in southern Ukraine,” the  press service of the National Resistance Center reports .

The CNS recalled the statement of the head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities of Russia Yevgeny Barinov, in which he announced the opening of a network of agency offices in the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporozhye region.

These centers will be created with the aim of “strengthening Russian identity and interethnic unity in regions that have only recently been liberated from the yoke of Ukrainian propaganda.” It is noted that the activities of the established representative offices will be focused on attracting various social groups of the population of the Zaporozhye region to cooperate with Russian public organizations.

Russian propaganda – latest news

Russian propagandists are constantly coming up with new fakes about evil and bloodthirsty “Nazi Bandera”, American biological laboratories,  experiments on the Ukrainian military , military drugs and other horror stories.

At the beginning of the year, it became known that Russia had developed a 10-year program  for the Russification of youth  in the occupied territories. The key role in this should be military associations like the Hitler Youth during Nazi Germany.

According to The New York Times,  Kherson was the center of the Russian campaign  to eradicate Ukrainian identity. 

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  1. So is this just bull? We’re talking about taking back out country and you gave the scum suckers setting up de-UKIE centers. I wish we can show some results and stop with bullshit talk about taking back our country. It’s fuckin time to act and stop the talk!!! Yeah I know I’m being a jerk.

    • Don’t let this fungus infested ruskie baloney get to you, sir Cap. They say a lot of garbage on a good day and a lot more on a bad day. These plans are just as useless as every other plan they had in this war. Be patient. The AFU MUST take its time for the next offensive. I’m sure you understand. I’d rather prefer they take a month too long for preparations than ending it a day too soon.

      • I know you’re absolutely right Sir OFP. Just getting down but I’ll get back. Nonetheless thanks for the rational and sobering thought

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