The UN is becoming somewhat ridiculous: expert


On Saturday, Russia, a country waging an aggressive war against Ukraine led by a man accused of war crimes, took over the presidency of the UN’s top security body, the United Nations Security Council. To talk about this unbelievable situation TVP World invited analyst Andreas Umland from the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies.


  1. I was wondering, where is the uproar about this? Why is so little being said in the world of politics and news media about this ridiculous farce being conducted in the circus arena of the UN, with mafia land’s UNSC presidency?

    Mafia land’s very UN membership is questionable.
    Mafia land has started an illegal war in Ukraine, according to UN charters.
    Mafia land is committing genocide in Ukraine.
    Mafia land is committing masses of war crimes in Ukraine.
    Mafia land’s president is an internationally wanted war criminal.
    Mafia land arrested and convicted a Western reporter on trumped-up charges.
    Mafia land is constantly threatening with nukes.

    So, mafia land still has been permitted to assume the presidency of the United Nations Security Council. This is not only a bad joke and a circus show, but rock-solid proof of the UN’s complete uselessness and of it being a bizarre, comical, grotesque organization that has far outlived its legitimacy. It should be disbanded immediately. The POTUS, if he were a real man, would throw everyone out of its New York headquarters.

    • What he hinted at would be a little bit of justice if the UN gave Ukraine the Permanent seat instead of ruzzia and it sounds like there’s precedent when Taiwan’s seat was “given” to China.

  2. The US and allies should just leave the UN. Let the shitholes have it and their multipolar world – aka a horde of shitholes as counterbalance to democracies.

    • Every righteous nation exiting this shit organization would be the best, fastest and easiest solution.

  3. “Becoming somewhat ridiculous”??? It’s been ridiculous for over forty years. It’s a freakin resort for foreign ass kissers!!!

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