Russian propaganda: Finland will be liberated, its our land!



  1. Finland has nothing to worry about. The cockroach army is currently busy getting fried.

  2. This evil whore needs to look at the situation in Ukraine. Does she really believe that russia could take on NATO, when they have been trying to take Bakhmut for 12 months?

      • Ukraine is the best army at this type of warfare I will agree. It’s apples and oranges when you compare US tactics, the whole point for them is to not need trenches. Artillery will always but any air burst weapon over a trench makes toasty soldiers. Once Ukraine has the right combination of armored vehicles, artillery, AirPower and combined arms training and Ukraine won’t need trenches and Russia’s trenches won’t stop anything

        • Trench warfare is a difficult tactical challenge.
          In Desert Storm the Iraqis built the Saddam Line which was the most elaborate defense system the US had encountered since Korea. A system tha thad evolved over 8 years of war with Iran and Saddam’s boys knew how to use it.
          This may seem strange now but we were nervous. We had not even trained for this kind of warfare on such a large scale. Early estimates were we would loose up to 20k casualties in the first 2 weeks.
          However we set up a testing center at the National Traing Center (NTC) and tested varioujs methods of breaching such fortifications network.

          After trying to bomb it with B-52s or pound it with artillery we found none of these worked particularly well. They turned the turned the terrain into a crater filled moonscape that made manuvering difficult.
          The best way turned out to be the same way it was done in WWI. Small teams of infantrty moving through the trenchs with a lot of fire support to suppress the enemy
          Initial attempts did not go well and that 20K casualties figure was looking very real..
          But with practice and training we got the methods down. Bradleys lay down a huge volume of fire ahead of the advancing infantry the soldiers in the trench even had a flag on a pole with them to make their position to prevent friendly fire. It worked and casualties were minmial.
          The rest is history.
          What Iran could not do in 8 years we accomplished in hours.
          Hopefully the US is training the UAF on these assualt tactics.
          It will not take massive air power although that helps. Just guts and training.
          Ukraine has the first in abundance we will see about the latter.

          • > Saddam Line

            You didn’t mention the tanks modified with minesweeping plows and the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicles, which buried the trenchlines – along with anyone in them.

  3. Brotherly people? How many ethnic ruSSians live in the shithole called RuSSia anyway? Stay busy counting the body bags sent to you from your brotherly people in Ukraine, morons! RuSSia is interested in everybody, except for RuSSia itself. That small sorry shithole.

  4. Is there ANYBODY they don’t want to attack?
    It is like a stimulus response with them.
    It’s that stupid mentality that got them in this mess in the first place.

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