Priests of the UOC-MP beat an injured soldier in Khmelnytsky: parishioners did not intervene (video)

Marta Gichko12:59, 04/02/23

None of the women and men who came to the service did not try to stop the beating.

In Khmelnytsky, the priests of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate beat a Ukrainian soldier who was injured at the front.

The video of the incident in the temple was published by the deputy of the Khmelnytsky Regional Council Viktor Burlyk. According to him, the hero of the video was the military Artur Ananiev, who, from the beginning of the full-scale campaign, volunteered for the front as part of the 19th rifle battalion. During the fighting, he received a concussion and a head injury.

“When the whole country is watching the situation in the Lavra, he himself went to the Moscow church to ask the question, ‘How many people still have to die so that you stop going to the Moscow Patriarchate?’. What happened next can be seen on the video,” the deputy noted.

The footage shows that the priests fell on the military man, knocked him to the floor, twisted his arms and tried to take him out of the temple. None of the residents intervened. Then one of the priests fell on the warrior from above. The military said that it was difficult for him to breathe. 

“Yes, I don’t give a shit if you have (what to breathe – UNIAN), or not,” the priest told him in response.

After that, the man who filmed the video was pushed out of the temple, calling him a “military comrade.” At the end of the video, a bloody military man is seen leaving the temple, accompanied by unknown men.

According to the deputy, after that the police came to the temple and detained the military man under Art. 173. Burlik noted that he was ashamed of the actions of the police in his hometown and called it “protection of the Moscow Patriarchate”.

“The face of the parishioners is also shown, everyone fucking watched how the military man who defended Ukraine and risked his life was muzzling,” he said. Khmelnytsky, priests of the UOC-MP beat a military man

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  1. Perhaps I’m confused because I’m American, and there’s some local details I’m not aware of, but I read here that Ukrainian churches are splitting off from the moscow Patriarchate. I had to look up this information, Khmelnytsky is deep in Western Ukraine, so russian influence there seems very improbable, if it can happen at all.

    I have a limited understanding about this event, but I’m left wondering what led up to the attack on the soldier, and who specifically attacked him. Was there something he had done that angered the attackers? I’m interested in the truth of this, because that’s what should matter to all of us.

    • I think there will be more info on this event coming up. The UOC (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) was granted independence shortly after Maidan but Ukrainians did not require ALL the Orthodox churches in Ukraine to become part of the new independent UOC. There were still many that preferred to be loyal to the Moscow regime.
      Now since the UOC-MP have continued their criminality some are switching back to UOC-KP for Kyiv.
      After hundreds of years of Moscow occupation they are becoming free again. It is hard to understand why so many good Ukrainians still choose to worship in Moskali churches and don’t see the KGB nature of their priests but the shift is occurring very slowly.

      • “It is hard to understand why so many good Ukrainians still choose to worship in Moskali churches and don’t see the KGB nature of their priests but the shift is occurring very slowly.”

        It’s because of the aspects of religion itself, the most important of which is power. Changes always come rather slowly and there’s always resistance to those changes, namely from those who will lose power (and wealth) if those changes should take hold. The best example of this would be the religious wars in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, that Martin Luther inadvertently started by nailing his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Schlosskirche church door.
        I’m almost 100% positive that the priests from the mafia church have been doing their best to pour gasoline into their fire to raise discontent in the hearts of loyal churchgoers, making everyone else to be the evil ones and they are the innocent victims. Unfortunately, religious people are easily manipulated.

        • I agree. There is also a long standing tradition for Moskali to occupy “their” churches in Ukraine. Generations have bought land near these ancient temples. We know how Moskali like to live on their neighbor’s land and claim “where there are Russians, IT IS Russia!”

  2. From The New Voice of Ukraine:
    According to Burlyk, the soldier entered the UOC-MP church to ask the congrecation the question “how many more people have to die before you stop going to Moscow Patriarchate (churches)?”
    The footage shows that the clergy began to force the soldier out of the church.
    He suffered a concussion and a head injury.
    Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene of the conflict and detained the soldier under Article 173 of the Code of Administrative Offenses — disorderly conduct, said Burlyk. journalists contacted the Khmelnytskyi Oblast Patrol Police Department for comment.
    Spokeswoman Viktoria Tymoshchuk told the publication that at 10:20 the Holy Intercession Cathedral of the UOC during a service, a 26-year-old man started a conflict with a priest.
    “During the prayer liturgy, the man threw a book of the Gospel from the table to the floor and started a verbal conflict with the priest who was reading the prayer liturgy,” law enforcement said.
    “Witnesses called the police. Currently, the issue of bringing the citizen to administrative responsibility under Article 173 of the Code of Administrative Offenses is being decided.”
    The National Police Department of Khmelnytskyi Oblast added that investigators also opened criminal proceedings against the priest under Part 2 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — hooliganism — over the beating of a serviceman, which was recorded on video.
    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate responded to the incident, stating that “after the calls of a local council member, a man dressed in military uniform staged a provocation during the divine liturgy.”
    “The man attacked a clergyman of the Intercession Cathedral, disrupted the service, and poured water on and damaged the holy Gospel in the presence of more than 100 parishioners,” the UOC-MP press service said.

    • Sounds like both the Trooper and the Priests need to be in the dock. The Trooper’s conduct was uncalled for, and the Priests was equally unacceptable.

  3. Am I the only one that sees a priest trying to butt rape him on the floor just before the door is closed?

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