Patriarch Kirill urged the rich to donate to the needs of Russia in order to “find salvation”

Ludmila Zhernovskaya23:25, 04/02/23

Previously, he has already stated that not helping another with money is the way to hell.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church,  Patriarch Kirill,  called on wealthy Russians to help Russia “in this difficult time.” 

After a liturgy in the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Kommunarka, Gundyaev said that wealth is a “great responsibility” and that one can “find salvation” by using it for good purposes, write Russian propaganda publications.

“The people are becoming stronger, many are becoming wealthier and richer. <…> Today, a special word is given to those who can serve others, including with their property, their own means, who can, perhaps more than others, help the state during this difficult time”

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In the fall, in one of his sermons, he stated that if a person “out of a lot of money cannot help another, this is the path to hell.”

How the ROC supports the war in Ukraine

Recall that Kiril Gundyaev systematically justifies Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Ukrainian intelligence reported that the Kremlin ordered Russian priests to campaign for military service .

In September, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the occupiers would wash away their sins if  they “sacrifice themselves”  in the war. Already in the winter, he said that the desire to save life is a value alien to Russia .

The network has repeatedly got videos in which Russian priests support the war. On one of them,  a man “blesses” the Russian invaders so that their hand “does not tremble” while directing the projectile. On the other, the pop recommends loading Grads with prayers .

In the fall, it was reported that in the Irkutsk region,  a priest complained about a deputy who had lit a candle for Ukraine in the church.

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  1. Patriarch Kirill urged the rich to donate to the needs of Russia in order to “secure the survival of the mafiosi”

    Fixed the statement.

  2. In other words, RuSSia is already broke. No more cash for ammo and superduper weapons left.

    • Exactly. You know they’re desperate when they tell the mafia bosses with the big hats to collect money for Poopin’s little special military operation…

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