Even after losing Crimea, Russians will die for Putin – Feigin

Artem Budrin18:20, 04/02/23

The human rights activist spoke about the “phenomenon of cattle.”

Russian lawyer Mark Feigin is convinced that the population of the Russian Federation will silently endure a new wave of mobilization if the Kremlin announces such a step.

“Putin should have been quartered for a long time for what he did. And now, having taken away everything that the average Russian had, they continue to support him. First, he took away economic and political freedom from Russians. Then all civil rights were taken away from Russians and promised that they will never be deprived of their right to life. And now these average Russians are being thrown to Ukraine for slaughter,” Feygin explained for Espresso.

The human rights activist believes that the Russians will not rise up against Putin even after the loss of Crimea.

“Putin began to take away the last thing from the Russians – the right to life. They are thrown into the war with Ukraine. And the Russians go to slaughter like cattle. They are simply ground into minced meat in Ukraine. Of course, this is a phenomenon. For Putin, this is salvation and surprise. He will go further. And if earlier I thought that there was some kind of point of no return, now I don’t think so. The Russians did not rebel when they were defeated in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions. I won’t be surprised that even after the loss of Crimea they will not rebel against the Putin regime ” he added.

Crimea – the key to the collapse of Russia

The Russian invaders began to build  fortifications on the territory of the occupied peninsula . These works and the digging of trenches began in the Armenian and Dzhankoy regions of the Crimea. 

Political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky believes that despite statements about the high support of Putin by Russians, they are already on the verge of failure. He predicts that the de-occupation of Crimea by Ukrainian troops could become a trigger for serious political changes in Russia.

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    • Well Sir Red perhaps in 2 or 3 hundred years that territory currently occupied by scum may turn into something called human, but I doubt it.

      • People may not protest and try to bring down the regime but referendums in the regions could start a fire now that the nazis and siloviki are largely busy with Putin’s war, I doubt they could handle another war at home….but who knows? ruzzians think pain is a form of patriotism.

      • It will be sooner than that. Read Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39. The alignment for that is forming now, and Israel will soon be on Putin’s “unfriendly nation” list as well. Israel has also approved export licenses for anti-drone systems for Ukraine. We’ll see what else happens in the near future.

    • In 2323, they will call you the Great Prophet when the shithole joins civilization.

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