AFU Delivered Powerfully Tochka-U Strike On Occupiers In Bakhmut

The Russians were defeated near the AZOM plant.


The Ukrainian military showed a powerful strike on the concentration of occupying forces on the territory of the Artiomovsk Metal Processing Plant (AZOM) in Bakhmut, which was probably carried out by the Tochka-U missile.

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Tsaplienko published a video about this on his Telegram channel. The footage shows a severe strike. Even the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were surprised by its strength.

“This was beautiful. Our beloved Tochka-U,” one of them said.

“Let’s order another one,” his fellow soldier replied with humour, inspired by the “work” of the rocket against the invaders.

As reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine recaptured key positions around Bakhmut and knocked out Russian troops from there.


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