Russian society does not exist – ex-deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Violetta Orlova23:06, 04/01/23

Yakovenko noted that Russia “is unsuitable for habitation.”

Russian opposition journalist, sociologist and former State Duma deputy Igor Yakovenko said that Russian society does not exist. The population of the aggressor country has never been a subject in Russia, choosing power with their own hands, and therefore is not a society.

“I don’t know what Russian society is as a sociologist, a person who studied the population of Russia for a long period, long before the formation of a separate Russian state. Russian society does not exist, there is a separately atomized population that is strongly divided within itself, it, on throughout the history of Russia, has never acted as a subject,” he explained on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel .

Yakovenko stressed that power in the Russian Federation has not changed through elections since the time of the Muscovite kingdom. 

“That is, they elected tsars there as a result of zemstvo councils, but there has never been such a thing that there was one head of state, then elections were held, and there was another. This has never happened in the entire history. The essence of what constitutes the population of Russia – it is a population that is divided into different parts,” the sociologist added.

At the same time, he noted that there are some people in Russia who understand that the Russian Federation is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine, and most of them left the country, realizing that it is impossible to live there normally. According to him, Russia is “unfit for habitation.” 

“Some part was forced to stay and also categorically does not perceive what is happening. There is a significant part of people who simply try not to think and not understand. Because if you understand that we live or lived in a country that is a “Russian Nazi Reich” “and this is exactly so, the country of Russia is a fascist Reich. If this is understood with all the ensuing consequences, this means leaving the comfort zone. There is a blocking of this understanding and, accordingly, blocking of the fact that what is happening is the defeat of Russia “, – summed up Yakovenko.

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  1. I think this is the first time outside of this site where I see that someone actually acknowledges the reality of the orc society. Perhaps this is the beginning of a trend.

  2. True, mafia land doesn’t have a society, it has an enslaved population, which have been slaves for so long that they know nothing else but slavery and think other people must also become slaves.

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