Putin is rapidly losing weight and is “treated” with drugs – political scientist

Marta Gichko08:58, 04/01/23

Under stimulants, the dictator’s eyes shine, but “the brain can’t keep up with the tongue.”

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is under the influence of hard drugs. He uses “very strong stimulants” due to deteriorating health.

This was stated by a Russian political scientist, a former professor at the Moscow Institute of International Relations, which trains intelligence officers and diplomats, Valery Solovey, writes  The Mirror.

According to him, the dictator is being treated for cancer and neurological diseases. Putin is rapidly losing weight, and the low effectiveness of the treatment makes him feel “very upset” and “completely depressed.

In particular, Putin looked “very bad” at a meeting with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov two weeks ago. In the video from the meeting, a pale Putin was holding the edge with his hands as hard as he could. 

“Look, if you see how the real Putin walks, you will notice that his legs have become more like matches. He has lost a lot of weight … And the double of his body is distinguished by the angularity of the face. This is due to the fact that the double has problems with the kidneys” – said Nightingale, adding that the medical staff hides Putin’s weight loss with cotton pads.

Nightingale also claims that Putin uses drugs in order not to look completely frail and sickly.

“When he speaks in public, as young people say, ‘fast’ – very strong stimulants,” he said.

Nightingale, citing sources close to Putin, added that the dictator needed intensive preparations for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent state visit.

“Doctors prepared him for a meeting with Xi Jinping for two or three days. He had to rest, take certain medications in order to “keep” three or four hours of negotiations and look convincing. But Xi Jinping cannot be deceived,” Nightingale said.

According to him, Chinese and Israeli doctors are also helping Putin.

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  1. Unfortunately, another “sick Putin story” and not a “dead Putin story”. One asshole bloated into a blimp, but survived, and another is shrinking smaller than he already is, and survives.
    The old adage seems to be true; only the good die young.

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