Ukrainian Artillery Destroys Russian Ammo Dump with ‘Single Shot’

The ground forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) in Bakhmut are not just sitting back waiting for Russians to attack.

The National News Agency of Ukraine, “Ukrinform”, has posted a video taken near Bakhmut, which shows the aftermath of an artillery attack on a Russian ammunition storage site.

 The video was originally taken by AFU and posted on its “Сухопутні війська” Telegram channel on Mar. 30. It shows a six-floor building, of which one third is burning, outside of which there are what appears to be burning ammunition stacks, vehicles and military

The AFU Telegram channel says: “Thanks to the active cooperation of intelligence officers from the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade and the artillerymen of the 26th and 45th brigades, an ammunition depot and the military equipment of the occupiers was destroyed with a single shot.”


  1. No doubt about it being an ammo dump. You can see the secondary explosions coming out of the building.

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