Putin proclaimed Russia “an original country-civilization”

Yuri Kobzar15:41, 03/31/23

Russia has approved a new foreign policy strategy, which identifies the main enemies and allies.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree approving the updated concept of the country’s foreign policy. In it, Russia is proclaimed “an original country-civilization” that protects the “Russian world”. This is reported by the Kremlin press service .

“Dramatic changes in international life have required us to seriously adjust key strategic planning documents. Among them is the Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation, which outlines the principles, tasks, and priorities of diplomatic activity,” Putin said.

Among the key theses that are included in the new edition of the document are the following points:

  • The US is named as the main source of anti-Russian policy and “risks” for peace and human development;
  • Russia’s main task in the 21st century is to turn Eurasia into a “single space of peace, stability and prosperity”;
  • Russia is called the stronghold of the Russian world and “an original country-civilization”;
  • The priority of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation is “countering the campaign of Russophobia”;
  • Relations with friendly global power centers such as India and China are cited as particularly important;
  • “Removing the vestiges of dominance” of the US and other unfriendly countries in world affairs will be one of the priorities of the Russian Federation;
  • The Russian Federation intends to “stop” the holding of “color revolutions” in its allied countries and partner countries.

It is noteworthy that Ukraine is mentioned only once in a large document – in the context of the fact that the United States used “the Ukrainian direction as a pretext for exacerbating anti-Russian policy.”

Putin’s strategic plans – what is known

According to analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War, Vladimir Putin still believes he can win in Ukraine. However, successful offensives by the Ukrainian army may force him to the negotiating table.

The appearance of a video of antique military vehicles driving towards Ukraine from the Far East may indicate that Putin has decided to play all-in in the war with Ukraine. This opinion is expressed by military expert Peter Chernikov .

The British edition of The Guardian puts forward the thesis that Putin is preparing the Russians for an “eternal war” against the West. The dictator has already stopped talking about the specific objectives of the invasion of Ukraine and calls the conflict simply an existential war.

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    Hitler 2.0.

  2. I wait for the day when we can obliterate the scum suckers and all it’s animals that believe Russia to be so moral. My only prayer is when Moskali is obliterated that Trump will be in the Kremlin sucking Putin’s dick. Maybe Segal and Carlson as well. We’ll throw ORBAN in the mix as well. Once again I apologize for the profanity but fuck it the animals deserve complete obliteration.

  3. Even when Moscow was a forested wilderness, Kyiv was building impressive castles BEFORE Russia.

    Here’s an excellent description, with pictures for those russians who aren’t able to read even their own language. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s at least some intelligent Russians somewhere in that frozen bear country, it’s a big place. But as the leader of his people, putin doesn’t set a good example of what to expect from the average muscovite.


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