Invaders hit Avdiivka: a baby is among the victims, there are wounded

Irina Pogorelaya21:23, 03/31/23

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The Russians shelled the city with artillery.

The Russian occupiers attacked Avdiivka , as a result of which two people were killed, one of them was a baby.

This was announced  by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak. “The Russians shelled Avdiivka from artillery – two people were killed, one of them was a child born in 2022,” Yermak shared the details.

In addition, according to him, two more people were injured.

“A private house was damaged,” he said.

As Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk OVA, specified , a 5-month-old boy and his grandmother died under the fire of the invaders. The child’s mother and father were injured. 

“This tragedy could have been avoided: just yesterday, the police once again persuaded the baby’s mother to think about her son and leave. But, unfortunately, even a tough conversation did not lead to the desired result – the woman once again flatly refused to leave for a safer place. And the irreparable happened today,” Kirilenko commented on the situation.

“Unfortunately, evacuation still seems incomprehensible and unnecessary for some people. But this is the only thing that can save lives now,” he said. 

The head of the UVA appealed to the residents of Avdiivka, who, contrary to common sense, remain in the frontline zone, and urged them to evacuate. 

The situation in Avdiivka

Explosions and shelling are heard almost daily in Avdiivka. At the same time, several hundred inhabitants remain in the city. They live in basements all the time.

On March 23, the Institute for the Study of War announced that the Russians had changed their priority from Bakhmut to Avdiivka. And since March 27, the city  has been closed to entry , including for volunteers and journalists.

On March 31, it became known that the number of  offensive actions had decreased in the Avdiivka direction . There, the enemy used almost all the reserves , but now the Russians are moving forces from the south.

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    All putlerites need to suffer horribly for this and all the other foul, unspeakable crimes they have already committed.

  2. People tried to get them out, but rashists once again show that they are deplorable bastards by killing even a baby.

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