“I checked in different directions”: Lukashenka made a “coming out” about gays in the Administration (video)

Veronika Prokhorenko23:54, 03/31/23

The leader of Belarus noted that only girls can forgive LGBT manifestations in sexual life, but still gays at a “very high level” also work well.

The leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, once again “disgraced himself” and made an aggressive statement against certain representatives of the LGBT community – gays. 

On the air of local television, he said that he could still forgive girls for “lesbianism”, but gays are “perverts and the last abomination.” 

“Girls, here I am, as a president, I forgive. I take this blame on you, on the peasants. So we didn’t finish watching, somewhere we didn’t finish something!”

At the same time, the Leader of Belarus said that he often meets gays at a “very high level”, they are even in the Presidential Administration. He personally checked their work and was satisfied, Lukashenka admitted. 

“God forbid” non-gays “to work like they do. I tell you sincerely, there was not a single negative characteristic – I checked it in different directions,” he said. 

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