“Energoatom” built a new overhead line between Ukraine and Poland

The state enterprise “Energoatom” is preparing for the launch of an overhead line that will connect the Ukrainian and European energy systems through Poland.

Transfers  Industrial Portal  with a link to hromadske .

They note that during a working visit to one of the Ukrainian nuclear power plants, the president of “Energoatom” Petro Kotin inspected the state of preparation of this line for operation. As indicated, Kotin made sure that the company completed its part of the work in full.

Currently, part of the necessary equipment has already been installed on the site, and the units of “Energoatom” are carrying out work that precedes commissioning.

As soon as Ukrenergo fulfills its part of the obligations, the line can be put into operation. According to experts’ estimates, the NEK may finish the work in April, the company added.

Photo: “Energoatom”

The overhead power line, which had been operating under the USSR since its collapse, was decommissioned and has not been in operation since 1991. Energoatom raised the issue of the need for its restoration. The idea was supported and implemented by the Ministry of Energy.

“This is how we expand our capabilities and strengthen Ukraine’s connection with the European energy system. This is extremely important in the conditions when Russia conducts targeted attacks on our energy infrastructure,” Kotin emphasized.

He added that in the future, this power transmission line will give Ukraine the opportunity to export and import electricity to EU countries, which will have a positive impact on the development of the country’s economy.


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